09 January 2015

Friday jukebox: BLOOD OF THE LAMB

For some reason, I'm a real sucker for Protestant hymns. Raised Catholic, I don't ever hear them, really, unless I'm at a funeral. And I tend to get just two types of funerals. Either it's a full Catholic Mass with an organ and Communion and "On Eagle's Wings"; or it's funeral home-y and secular-ish with piped-in music. The last time I heard a pastor urging us to pray for the Lord to abide with us in our sorrow was quite a few funerals ago. But what's a serious funeral without a pastor asking you where you'll spend eternity? Here, let's meet beyond the river and get us some churchin' this fine day:

The poetry is naive, the lyrics are grisly, and the tunes are catchy. I'm torn between "What else could you want?" and "How much more American can you get?"

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