08 January 2015

Lynne Abraham hates the First Amendment

I'm so old, I remember when Lynne Abraham, who was definitely not yet running for mayor at the time, came out to support Governor Corbett's signing of the Revictimization Relief Act back in October. Here's a screengrab from a video embedded in the article:
Video is via ScrappleTV.

This is a terrible law that violates the First Amendment on its face. It won't survive the court challenges, whether the first one filed by baby lawyers in November or the one filed by ACLU today (PDF). Governor Corbett's last-ditch attempt at winning re-election got him nothing but a few points from the people who are still insane about Mumia Abu-Jamal -- a broken man who will die in prison, probably within just a few more years -- and maybe some glee at sticking the incoming Wolf administration with paying to defend the lawsuits.

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