12 January 2015

Philly mayoral candidate list round-up

Darrell Clarke is out. So the ballot for the Democratic primary is starting to look like this:
  • MOVE warrant-signing judge, drug warrior, and Governor Corbett fan Lynne Abraham
  • Nelson Diaz, former judge of the Court of Common Pleas
  • Doug Oliver (probably), former spokesperson for PGW
  • Ken Trujillo, former City Solicitor
  • State Sen. Anthony H. Williams
A bit of a rogue's gallery. I got nothin', except that I'm not sure how a public utility flak could be considered qualified. I mean, what qualifies a person for mayor, right? But I'd tend to think that "Mayor of a City of 1.5 Million" shouldn't be someone's very first experience in politics.

EDITED TO ADD: I hear there's a shoe running.

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