27 September 2011

Girls need sports. It's really not that hard a concept to grasp

Gah, my custody schedule changed, my daughter's school year and fall sports schedule began, and now I don't know where I'm going or what time I need to leave to get there. Thank christ for my desk calendar and my watch. Who needs Outlook and google calendars? Not this underemployed yet over-obligated lawyer. And don't get me started about this horrible kludgey third-party solution for my daughter's online school sports calendar.

And, no, she's not a cheerleader. But ooh, look, there's been some movement on the Title IX issue at Quinnipiac University. I'd given the school the benefit of the doubt when I wrote about the problem in July, 2010, but a trial court decided that I shouldn't have: the finding was that they really were trying to weasel out of Title IX requirements when they ditched their volleyball team in favor of a cheerleading squad.

Have you been following the case better than I have? Do you have a daughter (or niece or whatever) who plays a school sport? Public or private school? Please comment. Thanks!

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