26 September 2011

The NYPD can take down a plane if it wants to

The NYPD's commissioner, Ray Kelly, told 60 Minutes that his counter-terrorism unit has the capability to take down an airplane if the issue ever comes up again (video 14:21, start at 5:30).


Now I'm imagining the NYPD with all kinds of small-scale but highly advanced military technology. Pigeon-guided missiles launched from jet-powered, monkey-navigated, remote-controlled suicide helicopters. Laser guns mounted atop the Empire State Building. In the East River, sharks with frickin' laser beams attached to their heads. New York City apparently has its own private army of 50,000 men and women protecting Gotham, with "the equipment and the training" to bring down an airplane.

What does make sense, even though it sounds silly at first, is the idea of starting up a cricket league for city kids. Cricket? I mean, what do I, a red-blooded American, know about cricket? But it's huge in Afghanistan and Pakistan -- the India-Pakistan rivalry is pretty epic -- so I guess it's crazy like a fox to foster relationships between immigrant kids and the NYPD.

Thoughts? Is New York in 2011 too much like London in Nineteen Eighty-Four? Now that your every move through the city is monitored with video and radiation detectors, have the terrorists won? How credible do you find the claim that the NYPD can shoot down a plane? Please comment. Thanks!

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