28 September 2011

Mobile readers? Feed readers?

Are you reading this blog on a mobile device or a feed of some kind? Are there formatting issues? I am a ludditecheapskate and use an older BlackBerry, so I don't know what makes this blog look awesomehorrible on an Android or iPhone or other device. Sidekicks or whatever it is the young kids are using these days. And I have it set to give only a few "teaser" lines on my Google reader, but I don't know if (1) people hate that; or (2) if anybody else uses Google reader anyway.

How do you read this blog? If you're on a device, which one is it? Do you use some kind of feed aggregator? Please comment. Thanks!

1 comment:

upyernoz said...

the site on my iPad looks just like it does on my desktop.

on my iPhone, it does display differently, giving me the title and the first four lines of text of each entry on the main page,with the full post loading on a separate page if I touch the abbreviated post. which actually works pretty well. I wouldnt consider it to be any cause for concern.