18 February 2009

Eyewitness account of detainee abuse at Guantànamo

This one's been making the blog rounds:
[I]nnocent, guilty, black, white, Muslim, or Jew, no matter what you are there is no excuse to treat people in the manner that I and other people did. It's wrong and just downright criminal, and it goes against everything that the United States of America stands for.
A soldier assigned to Camp X-Ray talks about what he did and saw there: brutal take-downs, force-feeding, detainees hog-tied and left for hours, beatings, sexual abuse, and videocameras being deliberately turned off against regulations. It's worth it to take 15 or 20 minutes to read the whole interview. It's mostly descriptions of what the soldier witnessed first-hand; he's careful not to repeat rumors and hearsay unless he heard the same stories from multiple people.

The interview is part of The Guantànamo Testimonials Project at the Center for the Study of Human Rights in the Americas (U.C. Davis).

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