19 February 2009

Growing your beard for charity

An internet acquaintance of mine in Chicago has grown out his beard and decided to put its use to charity:
I'm raising money for Chicago's Off the Street Club by lifting things with my beard. The more money we raise, the heavier the objects will be!

Starting February 13th and every Friday thereafter, I’ll lift one object: one pound for every hundred dollars we’ve raised, until we raise $5,000 or my beard is violently ripped off my face.

What will I lift? That’s up to you! Donate today and check in Thursday to suggest Things My Beard Can Lift!
The first round raised a little over $700, so he lifted a combined 7 pounds: a model of the Millennium Falcon and an R2D2 sculpture. So far, he's raised over $1500 -- so tomorrow he'll lift at least 15 pounds.

The Off the Street Club is Chicago's oldest boys and girls club. You can increase the weight of the next lift by making a tax-deductible donation via PayPal, or suggest an object for tomorrow's 15-pound lift, or watch the lift in person at the UIC Pavilion Friday night.

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