17 February 2009

No Philadelphia Film Festival this year

The 17th Philadelphia Film Festival was on, then off, then on, and now off -- looks like it's off for good.

For the past 7-odd years, the Film Festival has been a co-presentation of TLA Entertainment and the Philadelphia Film Society. TLA's CEO and the Film Society's board had creative differences, so the partnership split. The Film Society said it was going to hold the festival anyway, and TLA said oh, yeah? well, it was going to hold its own concurrent festival, so in your face!

Lawsuits followed.

Now, since they couldn't get along like adults, nobody gets to hold a film festival at all. Assholes, all of them.

(Via Philadelphia Magazine.)


upyernoz said...

it's back on. one last unified fest, with a new name (really 2 names separate by a slash)

next year there will probably be two fests. (one in the fall, one in the spring) but it looks like the mess of litigation scared them into backing down.

Glomarization said...

Now I'm dizzy!

In the fall they'll be competing with Toronto and Venice. And the Terror Film Festival, locally. But on the other hand, maybe we'd see more films where the studio has chosen to delay release until closer to the end of the year to get more Oscar buzz.

As it is, a lot of people don't submit to the Philly festival because the Tribeca festival won't take anything but premieres. And since distributor heavies are more likely to go to Tribeca than Philly, a lot of producers send their films (really good ones, too) to New York instead of here. So if Philly were later in the year, maybe we'd see some of those films, too.