24 November 2014

Solomon Jones has chosen his hill to die on

Philly.com columnist Solomon Jones has chosen his hill to die on, and that hill is named "Those Untrustworthy Sluts Who Dare to Accuse Bill Cosby, a Great Man Who Opened a Door for Me Years Ago, Are Cowardly."
The Bill Cosby I know is a generous man who advised me as I sought to write a book of family humor, introduced me to an editor at a national magazine, and did similar things for many others.
Translation: "He never slipped me a mickey in the rec room! So if he really did drug and rape 'several' women, why haven't they gone to the police? Huh? Huh? Answer me that!"
Every day, there are women who report being victimized by men.

These women -- women who have been hurt, assaulted, damaged and traumatized -- are often looking for nothing more than justice from the system and protection from their tormenters.

And every day, such women take the brave step of reporting what happened to them; not for personal gain, or for media notoriety, but because it is right.
You see, real crime victims, people who have been truly, legitimately, and forcibly raped, get up and dust themselves off and bravely go to the cops right away to see justice done.

I've asked if Jones feels the same way about victims of pedophile priests, but he's tossed the "I gotta go back to work" answer at a couple of other commenters so I imagine I'll get that response eventually myself.

Other writers have written better about why victims of rape and other sexual assaults don't try to press charges or file civil lawsuits, whether immediately or well after the statutes of limitations have run. Victim Barbara Bowman, for example, in asking why it took a male comic's stand-up routine to bring publicity to her accusations -- the title itself of her commentary answers the damn question. Too bad Solomon Jones hasn't read those pieces as part of his work research for this item.

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