04 May 2012

And again with the voter ID issue

Did you notice that all but one of the plaintiffs in ACLU-PA's lawsuit against Pennsylvania's voter ID law are women?

If you are an otherwise voting-eligible woman in Pennsylvania, check your wallet. Does the name on your poll-acceptable ID match the name under which you're registered to vote? There is a one in three chance that it does not. If not, start the ball rolling now to fix the situation. Either change your voter registration to match your driver's license exactly, or get a new driver's license so that it matches your voter registration exactly. If you need a birth certificate to get a new driver's license, request one immediately. It can take 14 weeks (not a typo) to get it, and that's even if the state complies with the request: ACLU-PA's petition includes a plaintiff who has been requesting a birth certificate multiple times over several years but hasn't gotten an answer.

This is a 19th Amendment problem because it disenfranchises women overwhelmingly, denying them at a rate of potentially one in three their right to vote -- to the obvious satisfaction of Governor Corbett and the state GOP. This is a 19th Amendment problem that none of the civil liberties lawyers groups is addressing as such. It's up to you.

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