30 March 2009

2 more from the film festival

Saving Grace B. Jones - Stunning. That is, so stunningly bad that I was shaking for a good 20 minutes after I left the theater. I had nearly recovered myself when writer/director Connie Stevens came into the lobby, surrounded by a passel of handlers and adoring fans. There was also a video interview crew and a very bright stand light in the corner. As I stood in line for the next film, a 6'4" guy with Los Angeles hair and a tie that I think I gave my boyfriend for his birthday in 1987 nearly knocked me and some other people over. He had been carrying what looked like a white leather photo album with a brass label reading "CONNIE STEVENS" on it. He and Connie seemed to be together, though in retrospect, at least the way I've described it here, he sounds more like her "number one fan."

Mostly I'm disappointed that I didn't catch the attention of a film festival pal of mine who does guest services volunteer work every year. She'd brought Connie Stevens in, but she must have had another assignment after the film started, because I didn't see her afterward. I'm sure I'll run into her for real sometime in the next week.

Sun Dogs - Very good American independent film from New Orleans. A little flawed (apparently there are only 2 black people in New Orleans) and unfortunately filmed in DV, which is what happens in a country with no real arts funding. But it's a quality example of what you can get, even on no budget, with solid writing and decent acting. Worthwhile.

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