23 February 2009

South Street's Chef's Market closing

1985 - 2009

Chef's Market, at the east end of South Street, is closing. Word on the street is that today is the last day the store will be open, though they'll be keeping the catering side of the business going as long as they can. My source tells me that the deli area is closed, though. They quit selling deli stuff so they can use it for catering gigs, but you may be able to find some Havarti or other less upscale items in the fridge.

Though I didn't head down for the sale myself over the weekend, I hear it was madness. Everything in the store was 50% off; all the customers coming in to the store kept asking, "Is this 50% off? And this? What about this? Is this 50% off, too?" Lord help me and keep me from ever having to work retail again.

At the bar yesterday evening, a guy showed us what was in his bag for his Oscar night party: half-price caviar, fig paste, imported cheese. I guess I'll put a run to Chef's Market on my errand list today and have something creative for dinner.

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