02 February 2009

Profoundness: on my bank not failing

For law school reasons, the balance in my money market savings account recently fell low enough that my bank started charging me $10 fees for the privilege of keeping my money with them. I called up customer service to protest the charges. (I did get them reversed, and I had them close the account and put the remaining funds into my checking account. A good law student, I used words like not conspicuous in the paperwork and contract of adhesion where I didn't have any choice in the terms before I signed.)

While I was on hold before getting through to a representative, they played a recording of the bank's CEO assuring me that they weren't going to fail any time soon, and in fact next quarter they expect to post as much of a profit as they usually do.

Presumably by dinging hundreds of thousands of account holders $10 every month as they drain their savings down to pay the mortgage and buy groceries.

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