03 February 2009

Make out in LOVE Park this Sunday, be in a commercial

Local filmmaker Ted Passon, who famously lost his car to World Series knuckleheads last year, is filming a promotional short for the Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation. He's assembling as many people as he can fit into LOVE Park and asking them to start kissing. Show your Philadephia boosterism spirit by arriving at the Park by 11:00 a.m. sharp this Sunday 8 February to register, which probably involves signing a release and stuff. Bring your honey and take part:
This commercial is for a new push of the campaign with a special Valentine's Day twist. The filming takes place in LOVE Park and starts on one couple meeting at the Park. They immediately start kissing each other. The camera moves and we see another couple meeting and kissing. The camera continues to move and we see another kissing couple and another until we see a ridiculous number of couples all meeting and kissing at LOVE Park, as if everyone in Center City just stopped what they were doing and started making-out with each other.
Ted's looking for all types, genders, classes of people, from suits to skates, cops to construction workers. You just need to take direction well for a long, uninterrupted 1-minute take. If you're lucky, you'll have to rehearse, too.

Questions to Ted Passon, ted@allagesproductions.com.

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Caroline - Philadelphia Tourism said...

Bring chapstick! It's all in the name of LOVE for our fair city.