17 January 2009

How non-traditional students beat the tests

Some days ago I attended a sales pitch for one of the numerous beat-the-test programs. This program focuses on beating the Multistate Bar Exam. But that's not important. The important part was that I approached the instructor-salesman afterward and thanked him for the tips. As a non-traditional student, I explained, I'm not too practiced in beat-the-test schemes, because back when I took the SAT they weren't nearly such a big deal. When I took the LSAT, I got a book and worked through some of the problems, then used that and some techniques I vaguely remember from very briefly teaching the Princeton Review when I was in college.

Anyway, the instructor-salesman assured me that his program is especially good for older students. He stumbled a little over the term older student, so I helpfully said, "Non-traditional student." Then he just went and said "older student" again. Twice.

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