11 January 2009

Driberally today

A special Drinking Liberally today! Word on the street is that we're meeting at high noon at the Field House, the sports bar that replaced the sadly departed Independence Brew Pub. I used to have a growler from there. Anyway, it's at 1150 Filbert Street in Philly, behind the Reading Terminal Market, where there used to be a sign that looked like this image, which is hotlinked, so it may go away at any time:

Today's topic: What's it called when you learn something (like people's names) in a particular context (say, a particular bar on Tuesday evenings), and when you encounter the same thing in a different context (say, a different bar on a Sunday afternoon), you can't remember what it is you learned?

Oh, and not to fear: the Eagles game will on the TVs, since it's a sports bar.

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