12 January 2009

5 true things and 1 lie

I have been asked to post 5 true things and 1 lie. The trick is that Dear Reader has to spot the lie:

  • One of my summer jobs in high school was as a shampoo girl at a hair salon. (Do they even call them shampoo girls any more?)

  • I've been to Cuba.

  • I write right-handed, but I bat, play golf, and use a computer mouse left-handed.

  • I've never joined a union.

  • I've been arrested by federal marshals, but I pled down to a misdemeanor so I don't have a federal criminal record.

  • In my early teens, I had an eating disorder. It took me years to be able to eat my "trigger foods," Doritos and Oreos, again, and I still can't eat them in any great quantity.

    Frank said...

    I'll bite. I don't think you've been to Cuba.

    Glomarization said...

    Nope! I went to Cuba in the late 1990s on a humanitarian/informational trip.

    Frank said...

    This is why I don't play the stock market.