02 February 2015

Incredible number of homeless kids in NYC

New York City is housing its homeless in sub-code "cluster units," decrepit apartments managed by real estate ventures taking hundreds of millions of dollars in payments from the city to shelter people with collapsing ceilings and exposed rat poison:
By mid-December, the homeless census reached a record 59,068 — nearly the population of Utica, city records show. The Coalition for the Homeless says it peaked even higher at 60,352.

The homeless count, according to the city and the coalition, includes 25,000 children. And it represents a 10% jump from the 53,615 in shelters on de Blasio’s Inauguration Day.
So. Buildings that are sub-code and wouldn't pass inspection, so let's put homeless kids in there so they can ingest lead paint dust while they're shivering because there's no heat.

Also? Fuck the Daily News for using a woman of color with 11 kids as the example for this article; a quick glance at the comments section will show what actual message the article got across. But she's not homeless because she has 11 kids at home. She's homeless because the rent is too damn high (PDF). And her kids are just a few of the 25,000 that are homeless now, up from 22,712 in January 2014. Note that the Daily News doesn't pretend to say that her family is typical of the families in these deathtrap apartments. Nope, she's just a good poster child, like this Clinton welfare reform-era golden oldie:

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