05 January 2015

Meet our next mayor: MOVE arrest warrant Judge Lynne Abraham

. . . and here's Lynne Abraham ducking softball questions, and apparently still believing that marijuana is a gateway drug, on her road to the Mayor's office.

I mean, we're all aware she'll be our next mayor, right? Nobody else's name on the ballot is recognizable, and nobody actually votes in the primary, where Philadelphia actually elects its mayor since the Democratic candidate tipped in May will trounce the Republican in November.

In related news, Jason Osder's 2013 documentary film about the MOVE bombing, Let the Fire Burn, is on Netflix. You should see it; it's all archive footage, no re-enactments, no narration, just layin' it out there for the audience to draw its own conclusions from the materials presented.

Why is this related news?

I should verify with the archive over at Temple University, but word on the street is that it was Judge Lynne Abraham who signed D.A. Ed Rendell's arrest warrants, which the police took to the MOVE house on 13 May 1985 in order to serve -- leading to the 14 May bombing and subsequent fire that killed 11 people (half of them kids) and burned five dozen homes to the ground.

Some years ago, the local anarchist bookstore briefly had a few t-shirts for sale with a poster-ized treatment of this image on it. The title of the image was "Welcome to Philadelphia." I think I prefer "This was Plan B."

The mayoral primary will take place on 19 May 2015, which is 30 years plus five days after the MOVE bombing. Philadelphia memories aren't short, so I do wonder if anyone will be brave enough to ask Lynne Abraham her thoughts on having signed those warrants. She states in the Philadelphia Magazine interview up there, "I don't know why the police were not indicted in the [Staten] Island matter." Maybe she could be asked if she understands why the police were not indicted in the MOVE matter, either.

Or maybe all journalists are Chuck Todd.

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