20 January 2015

City of Paris v. Fox News?

In France it's actually illegal to insult someone's honor -- it's one of those "foreign" things understood in the term foreign country, such as not having a "First Amendment" -- and the mayor of the City of Paris is none too happy with the "no-go zones" lie that Fox News came up with last week. She's threatening to sue.

Ah . . . so that's why Fox News actually apologized, seriously and literally apologized, on Saturday for making the claims.

Here's a fun fact. The last time in France when someone felt his honor was insulted, and so he challenged the speaker to a duel, with swords? That would be in 1967. Newsreel:

During a debate in the National Assembly one day, Socialist politician Gaston Deferre tossed an insult at Gaullist René Ribière; the latter answered by saying, "Let's take that outside, jerk." And they fought with epées until Ribière lost.

French people take insults seriously, and there's no constitutional protection for running your mouth, making shit up, and otherwise acting like a verbal jackass. So, in a sword fight between national security pundit Steve "Muslim empire" Emerson and the mayor of the City of Paris, Anne "it's about time we were done with Scientology" Hidalgo. Who do we like?

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