09 December 2013

Monday morning grousing about bad parenting, booster seat edition

The further I get away from having a baby in my house, the less tolerant I am of babies and small children and their moron parents. Who in the world would perch a booster seat on top of a kitchen stool? A parent who's lucky their child fully recovered from a skull fracture, that's who.

When my daughter was little, I seem to have had a window where I liked, or at least put up with, other people's children. Now I think I'm back to the "childfree" tendencies I had before I dove into parenthood. Though where I didn't like kids too much back then, now it's more that I get irritated at children's misbehaviors that I think they wouldn't exhibit if their parents would just put some time into thoughtful parenting.

Almost as irritated as I get at misleading headlines. That article's headline mentions high chairs, but the skull fracture child was injured because the parent had strapped her into a booster seat and hitched the seat to a tall chair. Predictably, the now top-heavy piece of furniture fell over when the child pushed against the kitchen counter. Jesus, what a stupid, avoidable injury that could have been a real tragedy.

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