15 November 2011

This is what a textbook case of infiltration looks like

So Occupy Wall Street's Zuccotti Park encampment is being bulldozed away, and any reasonable voices that would have conceded leaving Dilworth Plaza here in Philly have been blocked by individuals who are either stubborn-headed or acting in bad faith or both, and I imagine it will compel a Zuccotti-like showdown at City Hall any day now.

And of course Mayor Nutter is taking the opportunity the bad-faith operators have handed him to have a legal basis for bulldozing Occupy Philly as well: people are relieving themselves on the plaza instead of in the porta-potties; there's been an alleged sexual assault; there's respiratory illness going around because people aren't washing their hands and they're sleeping in the cold and damp; and, well, Dilworth Plaza is smelling pretty damn ripe lately. And when the group comes to "consensus" that it won't leave City Hall and move across the street, the mayor can say with very good plausible deniability that the group is being unreasonable, that it has changed and is different from the original rabble-rousers, and that something will have to be done soon.

I say there are "bad faith" actors in the Occupy consensus process because that's what the nonsense in Seattle the other day looked like: a few individuals deliberately blocking reality-based consensus for unclear reasons, but for reasons that will result in the disintegration of the protestors' united front. COINTELPRO is long gone, of course, but this is what happens when there's been some textbook undercover operatives work and coordinated infiltration.

But if the Occupy movement is truly so anarchist and leader-less, why doesn't a contingent separate itself out, splinter away, and offer to negotiate separately, away from the bad-faith consensus-blockers?

Another thought, I saw on the Twitter (and repeated without clear verification) that the NYPD had declared a no-fly zone over Zuccotti park for the duration of the clearing out, pepper spraying, and bulldozing. Attention, news media attorneys and Occupy Wall Street's lawyers: subpoena the security cam videos!

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