20 June 2011

The job interview I didn't do

I just canceled an interview for a job in Harrisburg. There was more than one reason. One, I would be on the train 20 hours every week. Even if I bought a netbook with my first paycheck or two, I don't think they'd be productive hours, considering how early and late I'd be on the train in order to be physically in Harrisburg during business hours.

Two, the starting salary was so low that I don't even want to admit what it was. The pay was low because it was a paper-pushing job that didn't require a J.D. or law license. The job description listed the types of stultifying tasks you'd expect to see for a job at that level of pay. Fuck the benefits when it's paperwork review and 20 hours a week on the train for a job where the governor has targeted the union to cut its pay anyway.

Three, no option for telecommuting. I specifically asked if I could work from Philly one or two days per week, but no deal. I conclude that the job is quite literally paper-pushing. The job description included management-level tasks, but at that pay rate and with a daily in-person attendance requirement, it can't have been more than a single-digit percentage of the amount of work.

Nothing to do but to keep my chin up and not take this shit personally.

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