26 May 2011

The way to less sodium in your diet is to eat less processed food

An article at MSNBC discusses the problem of too much sodium in American diets, but gets to the next-to-last, below-the-fold paragraph before mentioning a huge way to reduce one's sodium intake: eat less processed food. Quit the TV dinners, quit the junk food, don't eat out so often, get out of the habit of "convenience" foods, and you'll get less sodium in your diet.

A frozen dinner or shelf-stable lunch from a box looks cheaper than a from-scratch dinner or sack lunch until you feel hungry again one hour afterward. Old-fashioned oats cooked in the microwave, topped with raisins or brown sugar, is cheaper and healthier than ready-to-eat box cereal or instant oatmeal from a packet. MSNBC should have offered views from CDC and Center for Science in the Public Interest way, way before talking to flaks from ConAgra, Kraft, Cargill, General Mills, and Campbell's.

In short, there's a reason behind the cliché "an apple a day keeps the doctor away."

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