21 April 2011

When Holy Week and "magic week" converge

So it's Holy Week, and the anti-sex zealots have been out in force at the clinic where I escort patients.

It's also my monthly "magic week," when PMS makes me fly into a righteous rage about things like drivers ignoring "No Turn on Red" signs even in the total absence of pedestrians at the intersection, or people arriving 2 minutes late to a meeting, or the Delaware Board of Bar Examiners requiring 2 passport photos, official college transcripts, official law school transcripts, a good standing certificate from the Pennsylvania bar, a copy of my divorce decree, a copy of the paperwork from my trespassing arrest almost a decade ago, an electronic application, a paper application with 15 tabs' worth of notarized documentation, and $800. (Maybe next year.)

I'm also underemployed this week, while I wait for a letter from a literary agent in New York and a callback to set up an appointment with another client next week. But I just got a call that the wingnuts heard the weather tomorrow -- Good Friday -- will be beautiful so there will be a big crowd harassing my clinic all day.

I love it when a plan comes together.

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