01 February 2011

SCOTUS denies Orly Taitz really for real this time

News from 1 First Street: The Supreme Court has denied, per curiam and without any comment, Orly Taitz "Esq."'s petition for writ of certiorari (PDF, see page 6). You'll recall that in October, 2009, Judge Clay Land of the Middle District of Georgia assessed a $20,000 Rule 11 sanction against Taitz for egregiously dilatory and abusive conduct in litigation. Taitz has petitioned the Supreme Court repeatedly for relief, and now she's finally exhausted all of her appeals.

But just in case you were thinking, "Oh, yay! There's that, then. We're done," Taitz has vowed to the press that she "will go to an international court [and] will be filing a proper complaint with the Committee of the Judiciary with the U.S. House" [sic]. I didn't have any luck tying Lamar Smith (R-Tex.), the chair of the House Committee on the Judiciary, to any birther statements of his own. Will Taitz find him persuadable? What about the other Republicans on the committee?

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