17 January 2011

Return of a prodigal

Well, that didn't take long. Just under a week ago, NPR reported that almost literally a billion dollars that Americans have donated to earthquake relief in Haïti has remained unspent in various aid organizations' coffers. Groups like the American Red Cross aren't standing around and whistling with their hands in their pockets, but a million Haïtians are still homeless and the number of deaths from cholera looks to top 4,000 any day now.

So, tons of money sitting around; a disease epidemic that will likely be proven to have been brought in by foreigners; stacks of money to be had; a country, usually in shambles, that's more in shambles that it seems as though it ever was in the past; and about a billion untapped dollars waiting to be strong-armed into officials' pockets spent on humanitarian efforts.

Look whose plane just landed!

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