03 January 2011

Deeney on the local papers and TV news not doing their job in Kensington

Over at Phawker, Jeff Deeney on the media dicking around with the Guardian Angels yet not investigating how long rapes and OD's were occurring in Kensington before the serial killer showed up:
What is completely absent from the media coverage of the case is any serious discussion of the prevalence of sexual violence against prostitutes in Kensington that long predated the arrival of the Kensington Strangler. There has been no discussion of police attitudes towards prostitutes who work the Avenue, who universally testify to having previously attempted to make reports about rapes and assaults to unsympathetic cops who told them such reports were a waste of time because prostitutes were making them. Rape and assault, the women are told, is all just part of that "lifestyle choice."

There is a cause and effect between lax societal attitudes towards protecting sex workers and the increasingly violent environment sex worker are forced to work in. [...] Men know they can go to places like Kensington, pick up a girl, rape her, beat her up, and dump her back on the Avenue with little fear of consequences.
Same with Gary Ridgway (the Green River Killer), Robert Picton (the pig farm murderer in British Columbia), Dahmer, Bundy, and countless others. Their victims were drug addicted women and prostitutes -- but law enforcement has to be made to understood that there is no such thing as an "unsympathetic" victim.

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