10 December 2010

My law firm is not seeking interns

A few days ago I got e-mail from someone who'd found my profile on a dating site I used to frequent. My profile indicates that I'm a second-career attorney currently building a two-person practice here in Philadelphia. This guy stumbled across my profile, said he was thinking of going to law school, and (1) wanted to hear my opinion about it, and (2) wondered if my firm was interested in taking on an intern.

I told him not to go to law school, for a lot of reasons, many if not all of which Above the Law touched upon a couple of days later in their discussion about the University of Delaware's preliminary plans for starting up a new law school down there in Newark. But before I answered the internship question, I looked at the guy's profile. In it, he indicated that he is currently in law school. I switched back to the message window and clicked "send" without addressing the question about an internship, and here's why.

1 - My firm is not looking for an intern, paid or otherwise.

2 - Even if my firm were looking for an intern, I wouldn't hire a candidate who approached me via a dating website rather than a networking website.

3 - Even if my firm were looking for an intern that we were willing to hire based on an inquiry via a dating website, we wouldn't hire someone who says in e-mail that he's considering going to law school, but who says in his profile that he is currently a law student. Though I bet checking his references would be good for a few giggles.

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