01 July 2009

If I took the bar exam today, I wouldn't pass it

To tell the truth, about the only thing carrying me through bar exam prep at the moment is my personal acquaintance with at least one deeply stupid, socially dysfunctional knucklehead who passed the Pennsylvania bar successfully on the first try (recently, after they made the exam harder than it used to be).

Further details about Knucklehead, Esq., omitted, though I'm almost certain they don't read this blog.

I'm happy that I still have a month before the bar exam. I wish I had more than a month, even though I've been keeping up with the assignment schedule -- and the housework, surprisingly.

But enough whining. Time to head off again to the bar prep salt mines. I really, really don't want to have to take this lousy exam twice.


Oskar Kennedy said...

Don't fret. We can study together for the February exam.

Glomarization said...

How crowded do you think it'll be? Will they still have to have it at the Convention Center, or will there be so few of us that they'll just put us in that conference room at the Bar Association that we had those summertime brown-bag lunches in last year?