22 July 2009

I love the smell of cognitive dissonance in the morning

A law student acquaintance of mine has found himself working in the D.A.'s office of one of the suburban southeastern Pennsylvania counties. The student has a concealed carry permit and uses it to carry, concealed, a firearm with him a lot of the time, including to and from work.

Following courthouse rules, the student checked his firearm with the security desk before going up to work. Then a supervisor took him aside and told him that his gun was not welcome, even though he has a permit, and offered to provide him a police escort to his transportation, if his goal here was to protect his personal safety to and from the building.

Convinced that he'd somehow been hornswoggled into working for some liberal Democrat D.A., the student rushed home, turned on his Internet access, and looked it up -- only to be floored to learn that his boss is an elected Republican. He lives across town from me, but I think I could hear his brain exploding that afternoon.

This was several weeks ago. I'm not sure how he's dealt with his cognitive dissonance, but I hear he's stayed at that office so far.

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