20 May 2009

The Inky hires more columnists

Brendan jokes that the Inky has hired Michael Vick to write a regular column about pets. Who's next?

Ira Einhorn on corpse storage. (I think "on dating" would have made for a funnier joke, myself.)

Former mayor W. Wilson Goode on fire safety.

Former mayor Frank Rizzo on race relations.

David Duke on race relations.

Glen Beck on immigration policy.

Rush Limbaugh on the War on Drugs.

Somali pirates on the UCC and various topics in international law.


1 comment:

Oskar Kennedy (LBB) said...

Donald Trump on men's hair fashions.

Jenny McCarthy on public health.

Michael "Brownie" Brown on disaster preparedness.

Donald Rumsfeld on biblical interpretation.

Ben Stein on science policy.

Dick Cheney on having the tiniest shred of humanity, and a soul that isn't blacker than the bottom of the Marianas Trench.