13 May 2009

Do not do a Google image search for "mountain dew mouth"

How much sugar did you drink today?

Although I don't see the dentist very often -- going through law school without dental insurance will do that to a person -- my teeth are in very good shape. The major factors for that good fortune are that I've inherited strong teeth, I've always had fluoridated tap water, I had a reasonably good diet when I was a young child in the 1970s, and I saw the dentist regularly until my 20s. But probably more importantly, I also don't eat a lot of sugar or refined grains, so the bacteria that cause plaque and gingivitis and stuff don't have anything to feed on in my mouth. I mean, I know people in their early 20s who have had multiple root canals. Multiple! My wisdom teeth had to be pulled when they got rotten from lack of care, but other than that I've never had any problem more dire than cavities in my molars. Get this, though: one thing my root-canalled pals have in common is that they drink sweetened coffee or Mountain Dew, almost continually throughout the day. Ugh. It's a perfect growth medium for those bacteria.

Do yourself a favor and do not do a Google image search for "mountain dew mouth."

I almost never drink soda, and I prefer beer or wine to a sweet-as-candy cocktail. I don't sweeten my tea. When I'm asked how I take my coffee, I always joke, "Black and bitter, like my soul." I guess I'm not really joking. In any event, I think I'll take a break now and go floss. And count my 32 (minus 4) blessings.

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