10 April 2009

Survey from the Philadelphia City Planning Commission

From the interminably long menu of e-mail lists I subscribe to, a survey for people who live or work in Philadelphia:
Dear interested Delaware Valley residents and stakeholders,

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) is developing a pedestrian and bicycle plan for the City of Philadelphia. The plan will identify and help to prioritize strategies that will increase the number and frequency of people walking and bicycling within the City of Philadelphia. The plan will provide recommendations for improving the connectivity, safety, convenience, and attractiveness of the pedestrian and bicycle networks. And if you live in or around Philadelphia, we want to hear from you!

Your input is critical to help develop a plan that addresses the needs of people on foot and on bike in neighborhoods across the study area. But you don’t have to live in the study area to answer the questionnaire. We’re looking for responses from anyone who lives or works in Philadelphia. The questionnaire should take no more than 15 minutes to complete and will be available online for several months. Information collected will be confidential and used solely for developing the Philadelphia Pedestrian and Bicycle Plan.

To complete the questionnaire, click here:

For more info on the plan and how to get involved, click here:

Thank you for your help!

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