19 April 2009

Michelle Malkin lies, defaming the Southern Poverty Law Center in recent column

Malkin's lie about the SPLC:
The SPLC, you see, has designated the venerable American Legion a “hate group” for its stance on immigration enforcement.
The truth:
In fact, the SPLC has never listed the legion as a “hate group” nor put it on any other kind of list.
Malkin appears to have followed the bouncing links to an SPLC blog post from July, 2008, pointing out errors in something the American Legion published regarding immigration. Since then, the Legion has corrected itself on most of the errors. But nowhere in that blog post, or anywhere else, has the SPLC called the American Legion a hate group. I looked it up, just to be sure. The American Legion is headquartered in Indiana, with another office in Washington, D.C.; but the SPLC's lists of hate groups for Indiana and D.C. do not include the American Legion.

Just another example of a right-wing extremist not letting the actual facts get in the way of her vitriol.


Anonymous said...

Typical Liberal, find one mistake and then weave a sermon around it as if it exemplifies the whole truth of an issue. The fact is, the SPLC is a far left organization that has unfairly targeted some venerable conservative organizations.


Glomarization said...

Typical freeper, post anonymously like a coward and then link to a single, 2-year-old article from the Free Republic that includes conclusory statements and bare allegations with no links to facts.

The organization referred to in the Freep article is a group of excommunicated Feeneyites: radical fundamentalist Catholics who seek to convert Jews. For this reason, SPLC has listed them as a hate group. If I'm not mistaken, the group rejects most of the Vatican II reforms and perform their Mass in Latin.

Anonymous coward: if you want to post further, you will use an actual name and URL. I will delete all further anonymous comments to this post.