06 March 2009

Feminist Law Professors blog attempts sarcasm

Over at the Feminist Law Profs blog, they're joking about how many students lie about a grandparent passing away so they can get out of finals or papers:
Have you ever noticed that at about this time in the semester, law students’ grandparents, with whom they are "very close," seem to die at a rate faster than just about any other segment of the population?
This is something that the Center for Disease Control might want to study for the next issue of its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Certainly we should keep track of these sorts of events on a per law school basis, so that when the grandparent shows up happy and healthy at graduation, we can share the family’s joy.
Oh, har har. As a matter of fact, my paternal grandmother, who was my last living grandparent, did pass away during my 1L year. Happily enough for my professors, conveniently she died during Thanksgiving break, so I didn't have to approach my professors and have them suspect that I was lying to them, thereby giving them an opportunity to joke about it on a blog.

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Anonymous said...

several years ago (while working at a law firm, actually), I felt like taking a couple days off and was out of vacation time, so I falsely claimed that my grandmother had died and I needed to attend her funeral on the east coast.

about 4 months later, my grandmother actually did die and I had to attend her funeral on the east coast. so I called in sick with the flu.