28 March 2009

Coming up for a breath during the film festival

Rumba - If L'Iceberg wasn't your bag, then skip Rumba, because it's more of the same aesthetic, but sadly not done as well. The artists have a live performance deal that I'd like to see in person someday, though.

Moon - On the way out, I overheard some SF fandom types complaining about some set details, and I mean really tedious complaints; also I heard some others bragging about how early they'd figured out the twist. Whatever. Maybe I don't get out much -- and truly I don't go out for mainstream Hollywood or even genre SF films much at all -- but my disbelief was suspended quite well and I didn't think the twist was obvious. In fact, the only real gripe I have about it was that I thought the opening titles were too gimmicky. But really, any film that can channel Dark Star, 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Dr. Strangelove, all within about 10 seconds of one another, is not going to hear too much criticism from me. Worthwhile, and will probably see general distribution to your friendly neighborhood multiplex.

Eldorado - Metaphorical narrative in the genre of an odd couple road trip. Through Belgium. (You know it's Belgium and not France when they're speaking French but they say septante for seventy.) Worthwhile.

Back Soon - I never knew Iceland was so big. I would like to hereby take the opportunity to brag that I guessed almost immediately where the cell phone had gone. This is not a complaint. Worthwhile.

Race to Witch Mountain - Uh, not part of the film festival; I took my daughter to see it on Monday because she was on spring break but I wasn't. We had nearly a private screening at our matinée, except for the guy who came in about 5 minutes after the film started, sat in our row (natch), and then left 20-odd minutes later. Entertaining for the kids and told well enough to keep the adults entertained, including surprise appearances by some actors, and possibly a vehicle, from the original film.

Off to get some dinner and then head to the I-House.

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