07 February 2009

Interview for low-paying, public-interest work

I had a job interview yesterday with a public-interest legal organization. The interviewer told me that it wasn't clear from the broad experience detailed in my resume that I was an ordinary candidate for public-interest work.

Apparently he missed the 2L summer at a public-interest nonprofit, the 1L summer in a county court, and the 10 years I volunteered for a feminist legal clinic and impact litigation organization. Likely he missed those lines on my resume because he was interviewing 20 other 3Ls desperate for a job by the time their loans are called in this November.

That said, he asked me to e-mail him a cover letter and writing sample. Now, if only this job were in the same state that I live in.

Could be worse. One of my classmates had 2 interviews, but both of them told her that they were not actually hiring this year. We were both mystified as to why the organizations wasted their own time as well as the time of the students and the law school career offices to come in and interview people. It's not as if anybody actually keeps resumes on file until their funding comes back again.

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