01 January 2009

Stepping into the new year

I PWN3D the white elephant gift exchange with the gang on New Year's Eve.

What I gave: a glass candy dish shaped like a turkey.

What I brought home: a 4-pack of Maudite.

Nice balancing act at the beginning of the year: on the one hand, a relationship of over 3 years is painfully coming to an end. I have no job prospects to deal with my mortgage-sized law school debt, not to mention that the bar exam looms like a hulking cliché in 6 short months. But on the other hand, I gave away really the epitome of a white elephant gift (a somewhat tacky tchotchke that belongs in a grandmother's parlor) in exchange for some of Québec's best.

Unpleasantness both ahead and behind me, but an auspicious beginning to the year. Best wishes for a happy, prosperous New Year to you and yours.

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