15 January 2009

Perceived reliable vs. actually reliable vs. minor and major brands

Consumers Union now owns the Consumerist blog, so now I'm taking everything I read there with a grain of "they're trying to sell me the magazine" salt. Which is not to say that I don't read the darn magazine cover-to-cover every time I visit my dad and find it lying out there on the coffee table. And which also not to say that I don't find a lot of the articles interesting. For instance, they recently published an article about the disconnect between people's perceptions of automobile quality and actual reliability data of various auto brands.

The top 4 brands that people thought were the most reliable were Toyota, Honda, Ford, and Cadillac. The top 4 brands that actually are the most reliable are Scion, Acura, Honda, and Toyota.

Now waitaminit. Scion is Toyota, and Acura is Honda. So shouldn't the "actually most reliable" list be Toyota, then Honda, then Infinity, then Subaru (number 5 on the "actually" list was Lexus, which is Toyota)?

Dad's been telling me for years that Consumer Reports hates American-made products.

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